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Why Glitter In Your Bath Bombs is Bad

Why Glitter In Your Bath Bombs is Bad
There’s no denying the pleasure a hot, fizzy bath can deliver after a long day. In recent years, bath bombs have become a popular way to bring life to your tub – with their Instagram-worthy ability to transform your bathwater into mesmerising rainbow swirls of wonder...

But earlier this year, Dr. Vanessa Mackay, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, caused a stir in the press when she spoke to Metro, highlighting how many bath bombs on the market, despite being very pretty, are actually incredibly damaging to our Lady Garden.

“HOW CAN THIS BE!” we hear you cry out with concern?

The truth is, most cosmetic companies aren’t conscious enough when it comes to their ingredients list. To achieve the wacky results we’ve all come to love (and sometimes even obsess over), a wide range of mainstream bath bomb providers include all sorts of artificial chemicals, colorings, fragrances and worst of all, glitters, in their products.

The problem with such ingredients is obvious, when you consider #1, how delicate our Lady areas are, and #2, just how quickly the bloodstream absorbs what we put on our skin (let alone bathe in!).

If you’ve ever been to a festival and had a makeover, you’ll know just how tenacious glitter can be. It is, in all honesty, a nightmare to get off – lingers for weeks! Now take a moment and imagine getting it into contact with your vagina... 

Not cool.

There are horror stories posted all over the likes of Mumsnet and other feminine ‘safe spaces’ online that’ll shred more light on this issue if you’re brave enough to bare detailed accounts. All we’ll say is a rough, itchy, and hard-to-budge material that gets everywhere simply isn’t something you should be putting in or even around your Lady Garden.

And of course, the same goes for harsh chemicals, artificial colorings, and synthetic fragrances, which is why our bath bombs are all natural – completely GMO-free, containing Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Witch Hazel, Shea Butter and unique blends of Essential Oils.

We never use SLS, sulphates, phthalates or glitter and lovingly handcraft each product in our very own bath bakery, without disturbing or harming any animals. Despite all this, there is absolutely no compromise on quality. Our bath bombs are heavenly scented, picture-perfect, and even keep their fizz for longer!

So, if you want a safe way to continue your favorite relaxation ritual, stick with Pure Sanctum.

Are you a bath bomb lover? Know someone who is? Keep them safe by passing on this article, and let us know if you’ve learned anything by tweeting your thoughts to @Pure_Sanctum.

Take care and don’t forget to check out our range to ensure your next pamper evening is worry free.

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