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How Hot Is Too Hot? Finding The Ideal Bath Temperature

How Hot Is Too Hot? Finding The Ideal Bath Temperature
It’s been a hectic day at the office and when you finally stop, you realise your body is aching all over. What do you do? Run yourself a soothing hot bath, of course!

We’ve all been exposed to the endless reports and studies that prove the health benefits of baths are in abundance, but is there a perfect bathing temperature to aspire to?

After undertaking extensive research, the answer we’ve concluded is a simple: no. To expand, no one person is the same. There is no ‘ideal’ temperature because everyone has their own ideals.

What one person considers hot, the other may consider warm. And we’ve all struggled to draw a bath that, like baby bear’s porridge, is just right.

The only sure-fire way to find the perfect bath temperature for you is to make use of a thermometer. Yes, it may seem a little ‘nerdy’ or ‘extreme’, but it is an easy means of making sure your tub is consistently toasted to your specific taste.

So, next time you draw a bath make a note of the temperature of the bathwater. If you find yourself burning up, make your next bath a little cooler. If you find yourself shivering, ensure the next one is a bit warmer. Repeat this process, making notes as you go along, until you find your happy place.

You may find that you like different temperatures at different times, or to suit certain moods. Like a cold bath to wake you up in the morning or soothe hives, or a hot bath to get you ready for bed or release toxins. Keeping a log of your likes and dislikes will help you to determine which type of bath you want and when.

It may also help to keep in mind the perfect bath doesn’t just come down to finding the right temperature. Often we focus on the basics and forget to add little touches of luxury to our routine.

Light some candles to set the mood, put on some music, pour yourself a drink and drop in a bath fizzler. If a standard, standalone bath has the ability to reduce stress and improve overall health, imagine how amazing you’ll feel after heightening the experience the Pure Sanctum way!

Please note: You’re likely to feel warmer than usual during pregnancy, which means it is a time to take extra care when it comes to water temperature. Experts recommend staying below the 32/25C (89.6F) mark but we recommend consulting your own doctor for ultimate peace of mind.

Fun fact to finish: Did you know a hot tub is typically around 40C (104F)?

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