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5 Of The Most Relaxing Things To Do At Home

5 Of The Most Relaxing Things To Do At Home

“There’s no place like home.”

“Home is where the heart is.” 

There are so many quotes relating to the joy that being in the comfort of your own, familiar ‘safe space’ can bring. Much as we love flying our nests, we’re creatures of habit and love to feel secure – even isolated at times. 

We’ve touched on the health benefits of spending time alone to unwind before, so today we wanted to share 5 commonly relaxing ‘rituals’ in the hope you’ll treat yourself and take the time to try them. After all, if you deserve it, it’s dangerous to deny it… 

  1. Listen to Music

 Music has the ability to shift your mood in a matter of minutes. There’s nothing like chilling out to your favorite tunes in your PJ’s on a Sunday morning, or swaying to the sound of the sax after dinner. Let these little moments of self-indulgence stop you in your tracks – allow them to temporarily take up all of your attention, letting any worries simply fade away. 

  1. Watch Netflix 

Ritual it may not be, but relaxing it most certainly is! Sitting back and enjoying a movie or getting into a new series with some salted popcorn and red wine is never a bad way to try to unwind. It’ll occupy a wondering mind (yup, we’re well aware anxiety is more rife than ever) while remaining non-strenuous (depending on what you watch, obviously. Is this why the Kardashsians are so famous? Easy viewing, n’ all…) 

  1. Put On A Facemask 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be looked after. Putting on a soothing facemask or applying body lotion is a great way to ensure you take some much needed time out of your busy day, as well as hydrate your skin efficiently, leaving it looking glowy all year round.

  1. Have A Cup of Tea

Or wine. You have permission to swap this to whatever beverage you fancy – just so long as it’s satisfying. Indulge every mouthful, taking the time to enjoy the texture, the colour, the temperature, the flavours. This is what being alone is about – grounding yourself and getting back in touch with your senses. Do this once a day, away from technology and undistracted from outside influences, and you’ll feel like a whole new person. 

  1. Meditate 

Everyone ‘meditates’ differently, but ultimately the idea behind meditation quieting the mind. Many choose to do this by lying or sitting comfortably, closing their eyes and focusing their attention to their breath – without making any effort to control or think about a single thing. It can feel hard (as if you’re not doing it ‘right’ but simply giving yourself the space to try is said to reduce stress levels). If anything it makes you realise how ridiculously busy you are, and how taking 5, 10 or more minutes for yourself really makes no difference to productivity but does the world of good for your peace of mind!

Or, do it all in the bath! 

There’s nothing on this list that can’t be done in the tub. Take your chillout session to next levels by combining your most relaxing rituals with our luxury bath bombs and Tweet us your #PamperPictures to @Pure_Sanctum.

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