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Bath Time: Is It Really The Most Important Part of The Day?

Bath Time: Is It Really The Most Important Part of The Day?
With the media consistently glamorizing the busy lifestyle, it’s no wonder the modern woman is taking less and less time out for herself, to relax.

Precariously balancing the various roles and tasks she takes on that seem to multiply by the day...or minute, all this takes its toll on the mind, soul, and body.

In their mission to become ‘Superwoman’, many are neglecting their needs and drowning out their bodies’ calls to be looked after.

Today we’re focusing on avoiding doing just that; looking specifically at the difference something as simple as a warm bath can make to your health.

So, if you skip baths often in favor of the shower due to a hectic schedule, this one’s for you...

Could a bath a day really keep the doctor away?

Here are some interesting fun facts to help you make up your mind:

Lying In Water Is Scientifically Proved to Help Your Mood

You’ll already know this if you have experienced it for yourself, but the simple act of learning that lying horizontally in water is scientifically proven to help your mood has already encouraged thousands to participate in bath time more regularly!

It’s been a good decade since the University of Wolverhampton published a detailed study on this, so allow this to act as a reminder of just how effective the combination of comfort, warmth, isolation, and body positioning really is!

Experts say that the reason behind this is likely to be related to the way in which laying in a bath mimics the warm, liquid conditions of the womb, providing an intense sense of security. Slightly strange, we know – but equally i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e, right?

Steam Is Able to Reduce General Cold Symptoms

Whether winter or summer, general cold or hay fever, steam is an invaluable natural tool you can use to alleviate the pain and reduce the symptoms of blocked nasal passages and inflammation.

And it’s not just the steam that’ll make a difference to your health – it’s overall body temperature too. In 2011 a revolutionary study showed that elevated body temperature actually helps certain elements of your immune system to function more efficiently, meaning fighting off infections and general nasties is easier.

A bath's ability to target these two areas of cold-management is far underrated and should be seriously celebrated! Why sniffle when you can potentially save your suffering simply by submerging yourself in a toasty tub?

Heat Works Well In Alleviating Muscular Pain

It may read like an old wives' tale, but there really is nothing like a hot bath for muscular pain relief. Heat works simply by blocking pain sensors and in turn, producing pain relief. Hot packs function in exactly the same way, but are often only able to target small, specific areas.

Cold baths can be similarly useful in alleviating muscular pain, working to lower the levels of lactic acid in the bloodstream. Athletes successfully use this method upon completing intense workouts all the time, to minimize their recovery time and excel their performances.

Of course, it is of paramount importance that you’re careful not to put your body under any unnecessary stress by running a bath that is either too hot or too cold. For advice on this issue, click here.

Baths Before Bed Encourage a Deeper Sleep!

An unbroken, deep sleep comes with a huge host of health benefits – that much is no secret. But again, the benefit of baths, in relation to ensuring a good night's sleep, is massively overlooked...

It’ll do us all good to recognize that our bodies naturally get colder at night, and be aware that a drop in body temperature is one of the classic signals to start producing melatonin – the hormone that induces sleep.

So, next time you want to kick-start a deep sleep, simply draw yourself a warm bath and the slip straight into bed afterwards. Before long, you’ll be lost in the Land of Nod.

Are you a shower person? Have you been convinced? Have your say on our Social Media, and be sure to check out our luxury bath range to ensure your time in the tub is nothing short of bliss!

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