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Pure Scentum Vegan Natural Love Bombs for Women - UK Made

Bath Bombs for Women – 4 Vegan Natural Bath Bombs – UK Made – Love Bomb - Pure Scentum

Give yourself a bath time treat with our luxurious bath bombs! Each one of these large, 6oz bombs comes wrapped in tissue paper and dressed to impress. Gifted in a classy gift box, they make an ideal treat with a difference. Evoking memories of those gorgeous spa days, these treats will leave you and your tub peachy cl...Read more

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Give yourself a bath time treat with our luxurious bath bombs! Each one of these large, 6oz bombs comes wrapped in tissue paper and dressed to impress. Gifted in a classy gift box, they make an ideal treat with a difference. Evoking memories of those gorgeous spa days, these treats will leave you and your tub peachy clean. Made using fresh fragrances and flower power, they are also bursting with healing Shea butter natural oils, fresh fragrances and flower petals leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated! No harsh chemicals, no parabens SLS phthalates.

Scents include;

  • Fatal attraction: An aromatherapy cocktail of cherry, geranium, bergamot, and chamomile
  • Drama queen: Fizz, fruit & flowers to delight the diva in you. Champagne grapes, plum, grapefruit, and natural rose petals
  • Strawberry fields: Living is easy with summer strawberry, heavenly bergamot, and pink grapefruit
  • Dive delight: Chocolate and fudge for smooth, lush skin
1.  Should I try Pure Sanctum or Pure Scentum products if I have sensitive skin?

    Yes, especially our Bath Bombs.  Did you know that Bath Bombs are the most natural beauty products out there?  And our recipes are built around sensitive skins:  they contain natural ingredients like Baking Soda and Citric Acid which are blended with natural oils – Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Thistle Oil.

    Small word of warning, some folk with extremely sensitive skin may be allergic to Citric Acid or may react to the aromas in our bath bombs.  If that’s you, we suggest you patch test our products.

    Or if you are purchasing one of our creams – you may wish to go so far as to take our ingredients to your doctor and make sure you’re not allergic to any of them.

    To patch test bath bombs, fill your tub with as much hot water (but not so hot you can’t take it!) as required to have a good soak, let the bath bomb fizz in the tub and then apply a little water to your underarm (below your wrist). If after 15 minutes, there is no skin reaction, then our products are safe for you. The same process applies to our body whips, body oils or body lotion.  Our scrubs are made almost entirely of Salt and Coconut Oil but again, better to be ultra safe with extreme sensitive skin problems and conduct a patch test.

    To see our ingredient list, scroll to your desired product and look for the ingredient list.


    2.  Are your products animal tested, or do they contain any harmful ingredients?

      Nooooo! We guarantee that none of our products have been animal tested.  We love our pooches and would never do anything to harm the animal kingdom.  In fact, our dog loves a good soak with bath bombs just as much as I do!


      All our Bath Bombs and Scrubs are gluten free. We do use a touch of honey in one of our creams.  We are free from phthalates, parabens, mineral oils.  We only use non GMO ingredients. We are very proud of the quality of ingredients that go into our products, Shea Butter, natural skin friendly oils like Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Bergamot Oil to name but a few.  We take the greatest care in bringing you amazing products quite simply because we want to give you pampering goodness and we want the world to know!.


      1. Which Pure Sanctum Product should I try first?

      Well, our Bath Bombs are always popular, and who doesn’t love the occasional soak with seriously natural Bath Fizzies? 


      But, for all you busy world warriors juggling the demands of career, work, home, kids, time with your life partner – I get it!  That describes me too – so I would go for one of our Bath Gift Sets with a Shower Gel, Body Whip, Sleep Gel and a Scrub or our Body Lotion and Bath Oil Set.  Ultimately, go for what takes your fancy….


      1. How big are your bath bombs?

      Most companies online sell small balls – golf ball size or slightly larger, we design ours to be Tennis Ball size – for those who are technically minded, that would be 5.5oz or 170g although sizes do vary since there is a handmade element to making bath bombs.


      1. Are your orders guaranteed to ship?

      We use Amazon as our warehousing and shipping partner.  Why?  Because as a rule, they are super-efficient, they can ship fast (even at busy times of the year) and they can offer you/us better rates.  Plus, they are well known for being customer service oriented and how they treat your precious cargo matters to us.  That said, if you experience any problems and your products arrive shaken rather than stirred, please email us at and we’ll be sure to look after you.


      1. Why do we charge shipping for smaller orders?

      Shipping sets of EXTRA LARGE Bath Bombs is expensive!  We charge exactly what is charged to us. We never add any additional fees for shipping.


      We would love to offer shipping at a lower cost, and we are always looking for options to provide the best possible delivery service. As we grow and we get better discounts, we will always pass these savings onto you. And that’s a promise!


      1. Do you auto-ship products or offer any subscriptions?

      We do!  Just not from our website (yet).  If you would like to benefit from savings through subscription, please head on over to our store on Amazon and here are the links:


      1. Can I get FREE Shipping if I’m an Amazon Prime Customer

      Yes, but you’ll need to head on over to our Stores on Amazon - here are the links:


      1. Where are your products made?

      If you purchase from us in Europe, our products are made in the UK in our Bath Bakery

      If you purchase from us in the USA, our all girl crew in the Bath Bomb Capitol of the United States tirelessly work to serve our North American customers.  So where ever you are, rest easy knowing we only produce in countries where we are bound by the highest safety and quality standards




      What some of the loveliest people are saying about us...

      Gary Nixon

      Bought for a family member. She was over the moon with this and amazed at just how heavy these things are. Said they were tremendous when she used them.


      Lisa Tom

       Absolutely fantastic, pure luxury, best bath bombs I've ever used! Huge and all smell widely different unlike other bath bombs which smell much the same. Left my skin feeling and smelling beautiful; for hours after my bath, the bathroom smelt fresh and delicious. Kept my hyperactive puppy quiet, amused and confused during the fizzing stage, brilliant! Thank you pure sanctum. Love love love xx

      Bought as a Christmas gift for my friend and she has raved about them since she received them so I may buy some for myself. She says they are much better than any other bath bombs she has tried so far. So - apparently a brilliant product!

      Have only used two (lavender and coconut) so far, but i can honestly say that they smell amazing. The smell lingers long after a bath. Will definitely purchase again. All natural ingredients meant i used it with my 6 year old and she loves it too! A superb purchase!


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